Wizard trio?

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  1. Malbin

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    Hi all, I was thinking of starting up on this server as a wizard but was wondering what trios worked well for them. I've seen wiz/brd/dru, wiz/brd/enc, and wiz/enc/dru mentioned in the past as potentially good. I've also seen wiz/wiz/? But I'm not really interested in two of the same class.

    I do want to focus mostly on the wiz. I would definitely like to join a raiding guild at max lvl but want to be able to grind levels/aas fairly efficiently solo as I like to play at odd hours for short times fairly frequently. Quad kiting or just nuking stuff down both sound fine to me.

    Any info on how the different trios would play or new suggestions would be awesome. Thanks!
  2. sowislifesowislove

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    Wizard Shaman and Melee would probably be pretty nice. Paladin to really round off all abilities. Give you Rez later on, etc.
  3. thucydides

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    i think if you end up with a tank, the tank will steal the focus of the show, at least from a gear priority stand point.
    i'll make a plug for wiz / bard / enc. bard + enc gives you great mana regeneration. outdoors, you can have your bard auto follow the wizard playing selo's for nice quadding. once you get enough levels, your enc can lock down whole trains with color stuns and you can pbae. for bigger bads, or for dungeon crawling, you can bard mez things between nukes, or you could even use bard mez rolling on enc pets to charm tank stuff and then break charm and nuke down the pets when they get low. you also mesh nicely with the more "traditional" tank focussed trios out there for when you want to group.

    edit: in PoP, you will love having a pocket bard for rizlona's
  4. Darchon

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    Wiz / Brd / Enc also allows you to PBAE by yourself in a few zones if you are diligent about swapping to chanter to stun and are decent at balling pulls on bard.

    However that combination will not allow you to do most regular dungeons as it lacks a healer.
  5. Pithy

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    (edit: looks like Thucy and Darch beat me to the punch!)

    To support a wizard, go bard. Selo, mana song, healing (twisting two regen songs on an endgame bard is like putting five fungis on all group members), resist debuffs, mez, pac, DA, etc. No other class brings anywhere near as much wizard support to the table.

    One easy playstyle with this team is single nuking: chain nuke, time a mez to land after each nuke so you never get hit. Another is quad kiting: have the bard auto-follow the wizard rolling Selo or (once you get the 2.5-minute Selo at level 49) mana song; quad as usual. It might be possible to forego snare entirely if you have a good drum and spell haste focus.

    If you want a third class to support the wizard/bard duo, then chanter, druid, mage and wizard are all good options. Chanter brings clarity, charm and the (super powerful) option to PBAE. Druid brings mana regen, healing, single/quad nukes, resist debuffs and a long snare for lazy kiting. Mage brings CoH, pet, resist debuffs and nukes. Wizard... double the booms for almost no additional complexity or actions per minute.
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  6. Tryfan

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    Wizard wizard and wizard. Don't skimp out.
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  7. gardnerjens

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    I did 3 wizards when i started
  8. Smudge

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    And look how he turned out o_O
  9. gardnerjens

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    3 clerics
  10. Malbin

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    I've heard clerics are like undead wizards... Thanks for all the replies so fast guys it was really helpful. Going wiz/brd for sure then, still considering my third.
  11. Pane

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    Clerics are like undead wizards.

    I’m not going to pretend to know much about wizards but I believe their real power starts to shine in the lvl 40 range. (Correct me if I’m wrong).

    if your not looking for the max efficiency/end game trio group a cleric could easily tank/add dps as you lvl up the wizard until his real power takes off if you’re sticking to undead dungeons.

    the cleric is even a decent puller with pacify making the bard even more “hands off”
  12. gardnerjens

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    leveling 3 wizards with KEI should be really easy, because one nuke of each can kill one mob, and you can get the nuke that auto roots mobs. so later you can use that strategi
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  13. Wellmine

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    Beastlord could be your third. Pet can tank and the heals for pet is strong and they have mana buff sow shrink slow also useful and the little heals for a hit wizard can save you.
  14. Rauvas

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    My two first main characters on this server were a wiz/dru combo because:

    1. Ports anywhere even though PoK is available
    2. Druid provides SoW and quality of life buffs for the wizard. (Just no mana regen, but you could roll a brd or ench or get PoK buffs)
    3. Both can quad.
    4. Druid can PL any other characters you make later.
  15. Sverder

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    You don't have to have a 3rd. If your goal is to shoot to 60 with a wizard, I'm not sure adding a 3rd to wiz/brd will get you there faster.

    If you did want a 3rd, I'd personally lean towards druid. The snares/nukes would match up well for kiting, plus tracking is quite nice (no idea how bard tracking compares here on TAKP). Plus a druid is always handy if you wanted to PL an alt later. Mage could be decent too, but I've never been a fan of pets for short play times.
  16. Tuluvien

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    Glades will give you a nice bit of Mana Regen eventually.
  17. Cillipis

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    My first main on AK was a wiz, and I later rounded it off with a cleric and a Necro. The wiz basically became my tank for velious/some Luclin crawls,and it was good fun.

    Where there is a will there’s a way.
  18. Faults

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    I think your best bet to support a wizard is a druid and a bard.