Trophy Trios: the Three-Box Challenge

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pithy, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. Faults

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    Sontalak was a tough fight on AK in a single group.
  2. Ravenwing

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    Maybe it's inevitable that a trophy trio kill list will be heavy on challenges that are straightforward gear checks for a tank and cleric, but it'd be nice to vary it a little with targets that require other strengths: pulling, or crawling, or managing adds, or keeping a mob alive, or killing something quickly.

    Some suggestions:

    Spirit of Tawro / Spirit of Radir (difficulty?)
    Netherbian Swarmlord (difficulty?)

    I don't know these are any harder than Zelnithak, but they're probably tougher to get to.

    Escort the Gnome Quest (Cazic Thule) (grandmaster?)

    I haven't done this here and don't know how hard it is, but I know it has been trioed successfully, and tricky escort quests are definitely among the more impressive trios around!

    An enraged disciple (Cazic Thule) (disciple?)
    Any named piranha in the south pool (Cazic Thule; en route to slime ring, not sewers) (grandmaster?)
    A Thul Tae Ew Ritualist (or any brown lizard from the northeast corner at 4C) (Cazic Thule) (grandmaster?)

    Now that we have an actually-challenging-at-60 group dungeon in the game, it'd be a shame not to include a couple of named that are hard to get to (or pull) because of their surroundings and the potential for adds.

    A Grimling High Priest / High Priest Gakkernog (disciple?)
    Trondol Shir Quest (repeated to cheese the time limit) (disciple?)
    Trondol Shir Quest (a true success) (god?)

    The final phase of the Trondol Shir quest - especially if you're in to win it rather than simply losing on purpose in order to repeat the quest and cheese the time limit - would be a very piquant trio indeed.

    Break into Growth and kill Treah Greenroot (grandmaster?)

    Fayl or Rumbleroot might be a better challenge, but it'd be a lot of clearing.

    Insignia Named (disciple?)

    Another boring equipment check, but very relevant these days!
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  3. Foxhorde

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    The named aliens in UP are very easy 3 box just clearing to them takes time but any trio with pacc can get to them

    the escort the gnome may be more about nutrition and luck then anything else.

    most mobs at once is 6.

    I used SK and pet with bane weapons, cleric nuking with id3 cloak and reverse ds. The most aggravating part of gnome escort is the healing through walls.

    mince I learned the paths and traps then it’s just just about pulling mobs to a spot you know there isn’t any healers close or a spot you just cleared.

    involved setting a lot of timers so mobs wouldn’t repop on me when I would pull things back to a previously cleared area.

    my success rate is still awful on the event as a whole but also this event doesn’t allow me to use my best geared toon (necro) which sucks lol
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    I thought Taelor trio'd zlandi?
  5. Cadsuane

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    Yes, he did
  6. Auyster

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    Yoormine and I got quite close to 1 grouping Katta. Though Katta is much more difficult with the new changes to charm now.
    Group composition was warrior,cleric,wizard,monk,enchanter,druid.
    Just need to memblur Katta every 5% so the cleric doesn't pull aggro with their CHs.
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  7. Majo

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    Syphie and I did Katta to 30% or so until HM showed up - painful and slow. I was trying to trio her a bit but I never got past 80% - 3 unlucky charm procs and you are toasted.
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  8. Pithy

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    Thanks for the suggestions, folks! I added 'em to the OP. The difficulties may be wonky; feel free to suggest moving stuff up or down that's ranked as too easy or too hard.

    When I trio'd the PBAE Fear break, btw, I just gathered the zone-in train and killed it at the west wall camp. I got stun resists here and there on Amy knights etc., but never enough to matter. I didn't tash or malo anything.
  9. gardnerjens

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    Biggest threat is a late coming Scareling that hits you in between the stun and shadow steps the enchanter away, that has happend for me once
  10. Darchon

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    This could be a fun project to check all the boxes:

    -- trio warm-up --

    [T] King Tranix in Nagafen's Lair
    [ ] Emperor Chottal in Sebilis
    [T] Drusella Sathir in Howling Stones
    [T] Phinigel Autropos in Kedge Keep
    [T] Royal Scribe Kaavin in Icewell Keep
    [T] Lodizal in the Iceclad Ocean
    [T] Neh`Ashiir in City of Mist
    [ ] Tantor in Western Wastes
    [ ] Strong Horn in Western Wastes
    [T] sebilite protector in Sebilis
    [T] Tolapumj in Sebilis
    [ ] Priestess Sercema in Siren's Grotto
    [T] Bledrek or Kerdelb in Velketor's Labyrinth

    -- trio initiate --

    [T] Vilefang in Dragon Necropolis
    [T] class minis in Plane of Hate (Magi P`tasa, High Priest M`kari, etc.)
    [T] a Kromzek Captain in Western Wastes (part of Leuz's Task)
    [T] Yetarr in Kael Drakkel
    [T] the tangrin in Field of Bone
    [T] Vessel Drozlin in Cabilis East
    [T] Kyenka in Kael Drakkel
    [ ] Mistress Latazura in Siren's Grotto
    [T] the full plate cycle, including Valorankt Zekkin, in Kael Drakkel
    [T] Valdanov Zevfeer in Tenebrous Mountains
    [T] Praetorian Myral in Grieg's End
    [T] an enraged disciple in Cazic Thule
    [ ] Spirit of Radir / Tawro in Umbral Plains
    [ ] Netherbain Swarmlord in Umbral Plains

    -- trio disciple --

    [T] any insignia named in Ssraeshza Temple
    [ ] a grimling high priest / High Priest Gakkernog in Acrylia Caverns
    [ ] Trondol Shir quest in Acrylia Caverns (repeated to cheese time limit)
    [ ] Kelorek`Dar in Cobalt Scar
    [T] Keldor Dek`Torek in Kael Drakkel
    [T] Prince Selrach Di`zok in Chardok
    [T] Venril Sathir in Karnor's Castle
    [ ] Queen Raltaas in Dragon Necropolis
    [T] Queen Velazul Di`zok in Chardok
    [T] Zordakalicus Ragefire in Skyfire Mountains
    [ ] Maestro of Rancor in Plane of Hate
    [T] Ixiblat Fer in Burning Wood
    [T] a windrider drake in Plane of Sky
    [T] Faydedar in Timorous Deep
    [T] Talendor in Skyfire Mountains
    [T] Lord Nagafen in Nagafen's Lair
    [ ] any named piranha in Cazic Thule (on the way to the Slime ring)
    [T] any brown lizard from the NE corner at 4C in Cazic Thule

    -- trio master / group warm-up --

    [ ] Master Yael in the Hole
    [T] Overking Bathezid in Chardok
    [T] break-in and 1 wurm in Halls of Testing
    [ ] Terror in Plane of Fear
    [ ] Vaniki in Dragon Necropolis
    [ ] Wuoshi in Wakening lands
    [T] Gorenaire in Dreadlands
    [T] Lady Vox in Permafrost Keep
    [T] Severilous in Emerald Jungle
    [ ] Harla Dar in Western Wastes
    [ ] Master of the Guard in Sleeper's Tomb
    [ ] the Progenitor in Sleeper's Tomb
    [ ] 8th shawl crawl in Iceclad Ocean
    [ ] the Servitor of Luclin in Grieg's End
    [ ] Zelnithak in Umbral Plains
    [ ] Escort the Gnome event in Cazic Thule

    -- trio grandmaster / group initiate --

    [ ] Growth break-in and 1 named (e.g. Treah Greenroot)
    [ ] a dracoliche in Plane of Fear
    [ ] Zlandicar in Dragon Necropolis
    [ ] Gozzrem in West Temple of Veeshan
    [ ] Telkorenar in West Temple of Veeshan
    [ ] Trakanon in Sebilis
    [ ] Klandicar in Western Wastes
    [ ] the Va`Dyn in Akheva Ruins
    [ ] Innoruuk in Plane of Hate
    [ ] Lcea Katta in Katta Castellum
    [ ] Rumblecrush in Umbral Plains

    -- trio god / group disciple --

    [ ] Trondol Shir quest (a true success; no repeating to cheese time limit)
    [ ] 1 flurry drake (e.g. an Emerald Defender) in North Temple of Veeshan
    [ ] Derakor the Vindicator in Kael Drakkel
    [ ] Dain Frostreaver in Icewell Keep
    [ ] Velketor the Sorcerer in Velketor's Labyrinth
    [ ] Grieg Veneficus in Grieg's End
    [ ] Cazic Thule in Plane of Fear
    [ ] Lord Feshlak in North Temple of Veeshan
    [ ] Lord Koi`Doken in North Temple of Veeshan
    [ ] Lady Mirenilla in North Temple of Veeshan

    -- group master --

    [ ] 10th ring war
    [G] 1 dragon (e.g. Silverwing) in Veeshan's Peak
    [ ] Thought Horror Overfiend in the Deep
    [ ] Sontalak in Western Wastes
    [ ] Aaryonar in North Temple of Veeshan
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  11. solar

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    These guys can be soloed by just running in circles since they don't summon.
  12. gardnerjens

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    Aary would be really easy with a group, just very very Hard to pull
  13. Pithy

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    Yeah, I think grouping Aary is more of a logistics challenge than a brute force thing. In that sense, it's in line with the CC/pulling challenges that RW posted (thanks for those, by the way!). Though Aary hits decently hard so there's a gear check too.
  14. Ravenwing

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    You could do him in the foyer between the hatchling area and Ikatiar, which would be a pretty easy pull. We did him a couple times there during Velious and it worked fine (though we eventually abandoned it because we didn't want to bother with Ikatiar, and with a full raid, it's too easy for one person to drift a little too far east ...).
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  15. Walex

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    I'd move va dyn down a tier to be with Terror and others. He's just a tank and spank, really, and not even a hard one unless he is dual wielding.
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  16. Darchon

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    Nagafen / Vox deserve to be on the list too. Having to use characters other than your max AA, full VT geared toons is interesting!
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  17. Smudge

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    Not that I really have much say in this... but out of curiosity, how do you trio a DT mob like Yael?
  18. thucydides

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    I’ve done it. He’s mezzable.
  19. thucydides

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    Klandicar and Lcea both seem like they are a tier too low
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  20. Pithy

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    Thanks for the feedback! Moved the Va`Dyn down, Lcea and Klandicar up. Added Naggy in Talendor's tier and Vox in Gore's tier; does that seem right, Darch?
  21. Darchon

    Darchon I Feel Loved

    Yea that feels about right.

    Also I think one thing for god tier trio would be killing Queen and Overking in Chardok simultaneously. IE you are fighting them both at the same time. This would require more than just some gear checks. There would be some pulling challenges and positional challenges you need to consider.
  22. Yarnee

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    why would you do both at once? thats just silly
  23. Ravenwing

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    You've clearly never seen Darchon pull anything. It probably wasn't on purpose.
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  24. Pithy

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    On the group list, Darch and I did Hoshkar in VP with SK/clr/bard/dru/wiz/wiz. I've grouped Grieg a couple of times: pal/clr/shm/bard/wiz/enc with Sketchy, SK/clr/enc/bard/mage/wiz with Lullaby.
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  25. Darchon

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    To provide a challenge!

    It’s the same reason guilds will engage Cazic Thule and Bertoxxulous in PoTime simultaneously! It’s a challenge after farming the same content for awhile.
  26. Tryfan

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    So the Luclin equivalent is to do TXD and DXVT at the same time?

    Whichever guild does it first gets the first Time rotation?
  27. solar

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    We might need judges to witness these things and time the kills so people can beat earlier records.
  28. Yarnee

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    im sure theres a meme somewhere thats perfect for how stupid this idea is
  29. sowislifesowislove

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    Says the guy wanting an all cleric raid on blobs in VT.
  30. gardnerjens

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    Could also do raid bosses naked if you need a challenge, or throttle your internet to mimic 32bit dial up