RIP Pouky

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    I didn't know Pouky very well, but I've heard from many people that he was an amazing person. I hope he is resting in peace. That said, I agree that the memorials shouldn't be in a high traffic area. In addition to the emotions that the memorials may evoke, having them in one of the most popular gathering areas of the central hub city takes away from the authenticity of a server that is replicating AK. Many current players didn't know the deceased players. While I know many who did may want to recall on the nostalgia of seeing old friends, I think it would be more appropriate in an isolated area or room in Plane of Tranquility. Even the zone name Plane of Tranquility seems apropos for a final resting place.

    My opinion is given with the upmost respect for any and all of our memorialized former players. It is not based on any personal feelings, but rather what I wish to see (or not see) while playing this extraordinary game.
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    Dark bank has basically become unusable to me and I'm sure some others. As much as I miss mafia, elora, jazper and pouky it's too hard having them all right there. Any room around there you enter has one of them and now pouky right out in the open. I highly support the idea of having a secluded space to visit them. I like this not just so it's not a reminder consistently of who we have lost but also so when you do visit them you are able to in peace. Right now if you were to want to visit and reminisce you are doing so in one of the main financial/hang out spots in game. It would be like having a cemetary in the middle of wall street or a mall.
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    There's still that big empty hall in one of the trainer buildings.

    Thank you for doing this. I think memorialization is a wonderful way to pay our respects, however the details get sorted.
  4. robregen

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    the one big building near GD and Shar Vahl Stone in PoK only has 2 trainer in it. Bard and Ranger. Could put them in there.
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    Maybe impossible and too custom-y but there is a stone near sol ro, valor etc that is not in use. Maybe could have a memorial type zone there?
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    Plane of War is accessible using a PC Client but not the Mac Client. The area in the far north of PoTranquility behind Plane of Disease Entry would be a good spot since it's out of the way and no one ever noticed anything there.
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  7. Darchon

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    One of the empty buildings in POK seems like a nice choice.

    On the beach of Plane of Tranquility at the north end of the island would be another option as it’s out of the general traveled way but it would be a nice peaceful place to visit when you want to stop by.
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    Another suggestion when/if these NPCs are moved to an area:

    Could there be another NPC that stands nearby that explains what these chars are for?

    These player-looking NPCs must be very confusing for new players to the server. They immediately appear like some kind of custom quest givers, but they don't respond to hails.
    I would suggest some kind of in-game explanation via a quest-like NPC dialogue that explains these are ex-player tributes, or the like.
  10. robregen

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    that is a good idea. On next server update, They will be moved to almost empty big building in the neutral area of PoK near Shar Vahl and GD Stone. There are total of 6.

    When PoP goes live. they will be placed in their final resting area in the north side of Tranquility.
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  11. necra

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    I agree with all that has been said, it brought up so many emotions seeing Pouky back in his spot, I think for 2 weeks it will be a great spot but moving to a dedicated area is for me for the best, it makes me happy but also breaks my heart seeing pouky in his spot.
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    So I knew Pouk on AK from the day she joined the server. I had been in Destiny for a little bit with my bard, so I was able to gift her young pally a massive dragonclaw shard I had earned on a ffa roll a few days before.

    Ak had just gone sub free, so my multiboxxing had coincided with her own dreams of 3 boxxing her team. Every time she logged in she would immediately judge the progress of her team versus mine and it became a fun back and forth all the way to keying for PoP raids.

    Im not going to lie, she, along with many other friends was a big plus to logging in everyday. As I played more and more sporadically through the years, whenever I did log in, she always reminded me about that sword I gave her and told me that was reason she joined Destiny. And I always told her "Naw, you would have eventually made it to us. We're family."

    I didn't even know I missed you, Pouk, til I logged in just now. Dammit, I wish I could have said goodbye. You belong in the Plane of Honor, my friend. I'm sure you're there.
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  13. Haynar

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    Somewhere in PoTranq might be a good place for Pouky. Its a big zone. Somewhere down the beach. Looking out over the ocean.
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  14. Beaaden

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    Maybe we could dedicate an area to all who are no longer with us.
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  15. robregen

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    looked like you didn't see the post above.

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    Ya I’m in agreement with all. I think in theory it was a wonderful idea but in practice it has its drawbacks. Not just from a functional standpoint but from an emotional one for many people. I too like the idea of moving them all to some building all together that people can go visit and see them all. And when plane of tranquillity arrives having an area for them to all stand together would be cool
  17. Denzal

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    I learned of this yesterday. Pouky and I went back to AK days and I always enjoyed his company and chatting with him. I knew he was sick, but not to this extreme. Condolences to Destiny and his family, the server lost a truly kind hearted individual.
  18. Haynar

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    No bickering in this thread.

    Can try to keep it open. But if people get disrespectful. Then will shut it down.
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    Actually, there is already an EQ Memorial post where a lot of this stuff would probably be better discussed. Just seems a little inappropriate to hash out the details of 'where to stick the toons' on a post where many have and will come to learn of Pouky's passing.

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  20. Trisi

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    As much as I miss Pouky, it is very hard to see her in my normal "hanging out spot" near the DB. It is equally difficult to see people hugging her constantly throughout the day.
    The only other memorialized player I knew was Jazper. I still go upstairs and visit him regularly to "talk" even though I don't see out in the open. I smile when I go up there and see another person "visiting" with him.
    While it is convenient that Pouky's memorial is so close, I feel those who were close to her and knew her well would make the effort to "visit" wherever her memorial will be.
    I like Haynar and others idea of an out of the way spot on the beach near the water in the Plane of Tranquility. I always found that area to be very peaceful and when I was bored or upset found a few minutes there helpful.

    Whatever the developers decide, I'd like to thank them for taking the time and effort to do this for our friend. And another thank you for them taking everyones thoughts and feelings into consideration when making their decision.
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  22. Exoslife

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    Rest in Peace Pouky, I will miss your presence.
  23. Hyacinth

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    It's funny how you can still miss someone you haven't talked to in 3+ years from a game you no longer play.

    This is very sad news to hear. My heart goes out to his friends and family.
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  24. Otto_Martin

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    I am just returning to game. Pouky and I were good friends online. Many of late night chatting and raiding. Once I saw the Pouky memorial I started to cry. Pouky was one of my close friends online and forever holds a place in my gaming history of one of the nicest players I ever got to enjoy a game with.

    Forever in our hearts...

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  25. vannari

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    Very sad to read that. Pouky was a good soul, and kind player.
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  26. Mitya

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    I've been away for a long while - I had no idea, this is insane. Pouky had helped buff me so many times... my sincerest condolences.
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  27. Yinn Yang

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    I've clearly been away too long... so sad to hear of Pouky's passing. I'm at a loss for words.
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  28. Oiwon

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    Go find Pouks in pok and give her a hail, shes got something for you!
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  29. Tesadar

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    Omg. How did i miss this? I was only logged in not long ago talking to him. He really was an amazing person.
    Im really sad about this. Whats up with our beloved members passing away here? :(
    Pouks and I had many an adventure on old ak and new. How many times did we explore very dangerous places together and get into trouble. He would always managed to get us out safely somehow. And he also always buffed me when he was passed in or sitting in his spot at the bank in pok.
    Deeply saddened by this. Jeez.
    Rip pouks. You will be missed always. :(
  30. Suiddaru

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    just returned from the wastes I entered when the real AK closed. Heartbroken to hear Jazper and Pouks are gone. Met Mafiaa in RL a couple times too. Just... bleh.

    Thankyou for the memorial. Long live destiny. :( *hugs* to you all
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