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    I know there are some pieces of maybe elemental armor etc that didnt make it into the old AK world. Just curious if theres a list of what that looks like here. Or maybe they are just different versions??

    It might also still be in discussion but was just curious thanks!!
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    This is a list I created back on Al'Kabor of all the items that had stats the differed from the Live items. Some of these have had their stats updated to the live stats.

    Red - Did not exist on AK and does not exist here
    Blue - "Fixed" from AK version and it now matches Live version
    White - Still in AK original version where some stat is missing

    ID - 68217 - Ossein of Limitless Time - did not exist.
    ID - 68199 - Timeless Coral Greatsword - did not exist.

    ID - 21994 -Protective Sleeves - missing Corporeal Fury (+25 atk +5 regen)
    ID - 13638 - Pauldrons of Purity - missing FT3
    ID - 5760 - Earring of Xaoth Kor - missing Vengeance III (+15 atk)
    ID - 29174 - Mask of Strategic Insight - missing Vengeance V (+25 atk)

    ID - 21995 -Armguards of the Brute - missing Faerune
    ID - 28658 - Mantle of Deadly Precision - Missing Vengeance IV (+20 atk)
    ID - 26994 - Ring of Evasion - missing FT3, was priest-only instead of priests/int casters
    ID - 28663 - Runewarded Belt - missing Aura of Bravery (+30 atk +3 regen)
    ID - 28667 - Bracer of Precision - missing Vengeance IV (+20 atk)
    ID - 21998 - Cape of Endless Torment - has FT IV instead of FT VI
    ID - 26996 - Gloves of the Unseen - missing Conservation of Xegony
    ID - 26799 - Globe of Mystical Protection - missing Composure (+3 mana regen + 3 hp regen)

    ID - 26988 - Winged Stormboots - missing Faerune
    ID - 26986 - Shoes of Fleeting Fury - missing Faerune
    ID - 68195 - Circlet of Flowing Time - did not exist
    ID - 68197 - Temporal Chainmail Sleeves - did not exist

    ID - 8977 - Collar of Catastrophe - had Vengeance IV instead of Vengeance VI
    ID - 26993 - Pulsing Onyx Ring - missing FT3
    ID - 28651 - Leggings of Furious Might - missing Aura of Daring
    ID - 25995 - Boots of Despair - missing Vengeance V

    ID - 15927 - Belt of Temporal Bindings - missing +8 hp regen (unsure of effect name)
    ID - 26980 - Earring of Unseen Horrors - missing Quickening of Mithaniel
    ID - 28665 - Zealot's Spiked Bracer - missing Composure (+3 mana regen + 3 hp regen)
    ID - 28650 - Greaves of Furious Might - missing Aura of Daring
    ID - 31603 - Girdle of Stability - had Vengeance V instead of Aura of Bravery

    ID - 68198 - Bracer of Timeless Rage - did not exist
    ID - 28246 - Gloves of Airy Mists - missing Aura of Bravery
    ID - 27274 - Barrier of Freezing Winds - missing +7 hp regen (unsure of effect name)
    ID - 28659 - Pauldrons of Devastation - missing Vengeance V (+25 atk)
    ID - 15824 - Platinum Cloak of War - missing Aura of Daring
    ID - 28652 - Pants of Furious Might - missing Aura of Daring

    ID - 68196 - Sandals of Empowerment - did not exist

    ID - 15805 - Shroud of Eternity - missing Chromatic Chaos (+5 regen +5 atk +5 damage shield)
    ID - 26989 - Prismatic Ring of Resistance - missing Eternal Ward (clicky effect = +45 ac +15 to all resists)
    ID - 28649 - Ethereal Silk Leggings missing +10 hp regen (unsure of effect name)

    Broken effects:
    ID - 20508 - Symbol of Ancient Summoning - pet focus produced a suiciding "doug" model pet
    ID - 24573 - Timerspinner, Blade of the Hunter - proc (Call of the Tempest) produced a suiciding "doug" model pet

    On top of this the Timeless BP combines for 3 classes (SK, Cleric, Ranger) will not result in BPs because those items are outside of our item DB range.

    ID - 47645 - Grimror's Guard of the Plagues - did not exist
    ID - 47646 - Ultor's Chestugard of Faith - did not exist
    ID - 47647 - Askr's Thunderous Chainmail - did not exist

    At some point they re-numbered these IDs. On live currently if you check the ID for all the time BPs most will be around this 47640-50 range, but on AK the other class BPs exist in our database under different numbers (and with very different stats/clicks than the live versions of these BPs).

    So in summary, all the elemental armors are in except these 3 Time BPs. In PoTime the Silk users are lacking their head/feet slots and the Chain users are lacking arms/1 of their wrist options. Also the Necro snare clicky and the 2hander from phase 3 are also lacking. A total of 9 items you may be expecting to exist do not actually exist because they are outside the range of our item DB.
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    I fixed the pet weapons to make swarm pets but they need their pets tuned. Hammer of the Timeweaver is another swarm pet weapon on live but the spell does something different in our version. Same ID, just a DD instead of a pet. http://lucy.alkabor.com/spell_3649.html
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    I'll take a look at the white highlights and fixed them where needed.
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    Darchon you are the man!
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    Oh I also forgot to mention, Padded Tigerskin Gloves, the leather hand option from PoTime typically would drop from Cazic-Thule and be a 190 HP/Mana kind of item. On AK it dropped from Phase 2 and was a 150 HP/Mana item.


    See the changes on 2003-11-21.

    There were a few items in Elementals that didn't exist as well I believe? Older Tem members like Slouch/Ravenwing/Cadsuane/Mechaike may be able to speak better to these.

    Ornate Abalone Recurve Bow from Krziik in PoWater didn't drop on AK I am fairly sure.
    Alabaster Hilted Wind Bow from Avatar of Smoke in PoAir I don't think dropped either (though Tem had far fewer PoAir ring kills than PoWater minis so its possible that just didn't happen to drop for us)
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    I would set them to pre LDoN state. Most items you listed were changed in late 2003. for example: ID - 21994 -Protective Sleeves - missing Corporeal Fury (+25 atk +5 regen) had 30+ CR but were change to PR in late 2003.
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    That sounds reasonable. The list was just noting why the items we saw on AK were different than what someone looked up on Allakhazam.

    I think the primary issue with our items currently is the lack of the SK, Cleric and Ranger BPs from PoTime. Every class should have a time BP available to them IMO. This I sort of hope can be fixed by adding them to unassigned item ID values in our database.

    The secondary issue is with the imbalance of visible slots for silk/chain vs plate/leather in PoTime. As it currently stands Silk/Chain basically are stuck with 2 elemental visibles while Plate/Leather can get a full visible set in Time. This isn't a huge issue but it is one they decided to remedy after our era by adding in those 4 items listed above. I don't expect the devs to do anything here but if they wish to more power to you.

    The tertiary issue is me being sad that the necromancer snare clicky was added in GoD and wasn't a part of base PoP loot. I like clicky DoTs and this one not being on the server is lame. Though this is how I feel about the necro skullcap quest not being fixed until GoD as well! If only devs had been more proactive about rounding out quest/itemization back in the day, our emulated server could have both of these clicky DoTs 17 years later!
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    I would love fixed / updated items to make PoP gearing more viable compared to Vex Thal, and add longevity and variety to the TAKP experience.
    It would be amazing to have all the improved loot to aim for to keep you interested and playing for many years.
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    Do you know the history of the clickies and effects on Time BPs, Darch? I believe they went through several revisions over the years. For example, Rosrak's Hauberk of the Primal had a Turgur's Insects clicky at PoP launch (the same clicky as the shaman Time epic, Time's Antithesis). At some point the redundant clicky was removed and the Chronoburn focus effect was added. The raw stats were also increased at some point (175/175 HP/mana to 185/200; 5/5/5/40/40 resists to 20/20/20/20/20), and of course mod2 effects like stun resist (which are well past our timeline) were eventually added. The other class BPs went through similar revisions.

    I'm fuzzy on the timing of all those changes, and I'm not sure the Lucy item history tells the full story. My gut tells me our era should have the fixed focus effects (redundant clickies removed) but not the stat increases, and obviously not the mod2s, but I'd love to know which BP versions the first guilds to see P5/Quarm actually looted.
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    Sort of related, will the PoEarth named traps remain broken to only spawn once per reset?
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    This one hurts my soul.
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    yea but that’s white text. So isn’t that getting corrected?
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    Earth traps were implemented in a fixed state
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    I am not clear of the timeline of this, however the alpha versions had most BPs with 175 HME and clickies identical to their PoTime class items or in the case of hybrids the Emp Shawl/Robe mana regen click or for melee an avatar clicky. The druid clicky was the only oddity in that it was Winged Death clicky not Swarming Death clicky matching our PoTime class specific.

    But no guilds actually saw these items make it into game. The first guild into PoTime posted their first BP:



    By the time guilds made it into PoTime Phase 5 it was June 2003, the first BP they show is from July 2003. This was 5 months into LoY.

    On novelty and purely selfish druidness, I sort of want to keep the 175 HME versions because its a unique clicky for us. But realistically they probably should be the current live stats/foci minus the Mod2s (or Heroic Stats as they currently are)
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    Great news. Thanks
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    Thanks for the Darchaeology! Fixed focus effects/clickies on Time BPs would also match our spell database, which includes Fury of Bertoxxulous. That effect only exists on one PoP item on Live, the revised version of the SK Time BP. The alpha SK BP had a Koadic's Heightened Focus clicky, so Fury of Bert would be unused if Time BPs were in their alpha states.
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    Our spell file appears to be a unique hand merged version Hobart created. Some of the spell records don't even have the right number of fields, and there are extra fields with no corresponding code to read them in the client. But if the spell effects exist we could use them on a custom item.
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    It sounds to me as if, for all practical intents and purposes, the alpha Time BPs with the weird and redundant clicky effects never actually existed except as phantoms in the database.

    The fact that they moved the caster clickies onto other PoTime items that do actually exist and dropped the melee clickies entirely (because they're really dumb) is a pretty clear indication that they were a rough draft.
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    IMO Avatar as a clicky sounds pretty fun, but I never mained a melee character. I also usually had a shaman capable of Avatar.
  23. Ravenwing

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    The version of Avatar on the BPs is the same that primal weapons use. Unlike Avatar cast by a shaman, it's subject to the worn atk cap.

    For a fully raid-geared melee character, then, it might as well read effect: use up a buff slot (must equip).