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Box limits

  1. Leave alone

  2. 2

  3. 6

  4. unlimited

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  1. Tryfan

    Tryfan People Like Me

    Boxing means you always have the option of dicking around just by yourself if thats what you want to do, without making you play a dedicated solo class. Its just a nice option. Personally if I can get away with NOT boxing I really prefer that as it is much more relaxing. But I would hate to be stuck with single boxing as only option forever, no thanks.
  2. pharmakos

    pharmakos People Like Me

    A single box enchanter is going to be way better at the job than a boxed one tho. I think lots of people would be happy to group with you... At least us in AG would be really happy to have you around.
  3. Speedz

    Speedz Administrator Staff Member

    even duo first box/single box chanters are pretty sick.
  4. Mokli

    Mokli People Like Me

    I have a chanter in my main group, I have no problems adding another as my fourth. Boxing a chanter is not easy, especially when 3 seconds is the difference between a wipe or not.
  5. pouky

    pouky Active Member

    I didnt read all replies ,, 6 pages lol.
    Anyway , if there had been option to choose 4 .. i would taken that ..
    But 3 is fine kinda ..
    So will vote for leave alone