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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Captaincrash2, Mar 18, 2023.

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    I read that there is a player who will pay 1000p to new players who have completed the newb armor quest in their starting area. Is that still a thing? If so, how do I go about claiming it?
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    Yes. I did this last week.
    Once you have completed ALL of your newbie armor quests for your character, log in and do a "/who all fox" and look for Foxxtrader or Foxxbox. If deemed worthy, you may be rewarded. I was given 10000 gold and 2 shots of hard liquor! Just be prepared for a dance-off on the balcony in the Bazaar.

    This is what makes this server so amazing. That amount of money will go a LONG ways in helping a new player out.
    PS - Thank you Foxx for doing this!
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    Also, if you see player Wanor online, ask about custom quests. Those quests are fun, appropriate for your level and excellent rewards, most likely you will get several nice pieces. If this is still going on, I don't know, check it out.
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