New player looking for setup/friends!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RMurse, Sep 15, 2020.

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    Hello everyone. Been looking to get into some old EQ nonsense and stumbled upon this place and it looks like it’s gonna be pretty chill. I’m a nurse in real life so half the week is gonna be a miss but I like the fact we can box here, which I’ve never done, so I won’t have to wait a long time for a group.

    I know there are other threads about ideal comps but I’m more interested in seeing which classes are best suited if I want to ever get epic’d. Like am I ever gonna be able to see a mage or bard epic or are those bottleneck mobs perma farmed by the hardcore?

    also if there is anyone else is looking to start fresh or reroll I may be down for some full group synergy. Anyway hoping to start sometime this week or next! See y’all out there
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    all epics are obtainable on this server, the more difficult to complete epics are usually necro, warrior, ranger and only because PoSky doesnt get done that often, but people do organize posky runs for epic items. there really is no poopsocking here, all worthwhile raid targets are rotated among raiding guilds. theres 5 or 6 guilds on the server - NAG (nephilim + azure guard), destiny, temerity, imperium, black sheep, horde. all guilds recruit players of all levels, there really are no leveling guilds. leveling can be difficult but if you can make it to level 40 then you can group with level 60s. the end game here is unlike any other eq server mainly because theres no poopsocking FTE nonsense. the community is great here, check out alliance chat people often give away free items and spell money to new players. play the classes that interest you the most, i recommend at least for your first trio something that will be easier to level, if you play here long enough youll have a level 60 of every class
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    That sounds awesome! Given my schedule my poopsocking days are over. It’s refreshing to see a server like this coming from green. Definitely look forward to relearning Luclin/pop and playing with some chill folks. Thanks for the reply!

    **definitely thinking of enchanter/mage (always wanted a mage epic)/ and either a Druid or cleric. Thinking Druid just for the better PLing capability later so I can get my tanks/melee up at some point and could give them decent gear.
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    Play whatever you like, many of the regular players have one or more of each class and can bring whatever is needed for a group/raid. Cleric is a good one to start out with because you can rez yourself, and they're one of the classes that stack really well, meaning you can't have too many of them. We do have the luclin era low level rez spells in game. You can find all the spells you need using the spell guide (under 'TAKP resources' at the top). The right side of the chart where it displays the cost has a link to the scroll and tells you where to obtain it. Often this is different from what is on p99/allakhazam just due to the era we're in.
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    Easily the best server choice for you given your play times. Plus you can box here which is a whole different game of itself. Get in!
  6. Ripwind

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    Once you get settled shoot me a tell in game (My main is Syphie, or find my trader Syphietrader) or here on the forums and I'll drop some plat on you to help get you started.
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  7. RMurse

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    Very kind of you! I’ll reach out whenever I get everything set up. Thanks
  8. Vellocet

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    Spider silk is a great way to earn plat early on. Bone chips, not so much. Also, welcome!
  9. Pane

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    Also CEs and Heady Kiola.

    can often find a buying willing to give you start up funds to make The CE even
  10. Mitya

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    Hail new player! Welcome to TAKP, one of the most mature and fun places to re-live your EQ experiences.
    Everyone has laid out all of the fundamentals so I'll just let you know that I am trying to level a new trio (with my daughter and wife this time) but so far, I have only convinced my daughter lol. Anyway, we're running a Pal, Sham, Wiz (me) and she is single boxing a druid. You're welcome to join us if you see us around, though we've just now gotten started.

    If you see either of my teams around, you're welcome to join me. I am currently focusing on my outdoor/kiting team (Necro, enchanter, druid) but will be getting both teams to 40 shortly so I can do big boy stuff. :p
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  11. RMurse

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    That’s awesome! I’m off for the next few days and gonna look for a decent laptop that can handle a 3 box. But look forward to seeing y’all in game!
  12. Neealana

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    There is a lOT of spider silk for sale in the bazaar. Stand out from the crowd and make us Silk Swatches !
  13. Nakunaru

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    ^This. If you do any pre-sub-combines, players will pay extra since you are saving them an extra click or two!
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