Leveling advice in mid 50s

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    I currently am hitting a point where I feel like my leveling has slowed down. Admittedly this is the first time I have done the grind while having incredibly limited free time so it just might feel like it's crawling due to that.

    I'm traditionally watching kids / responsible for them while they are sleeping if I'm playing, so I usually just play solo (I know grouping up in SSRA would be much better).

    These are my mains so gear's not amazing, but iveI invested enough time that it's not terrible.

    Currently I'm getting about 3 blues an hour at 55 in karnors clearing the opening castle and LCY + about 1/2 or RCY before repops.

    I use a pally / druid / enchanter. Druid and enchanter have horses hence the appeal of karnors.

    Most of my damage comes from a charmed pet. I can handle 4-5 mob pulls and then just CC and burn one at a time.

    Any suggestions on a faster place to level? Love hearing other people's ideas and advice.


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    Since a Pally, you may find the basement undeads (go through the tunnel in the moat) decent xp. Otherwise, I think I did the Hole (ratmen camp in the jail area) with my SK, Enc, Dru box setup. Its pretty similar to what you are playing.
  3. thucydides

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    the resist rates in the hole are not amenable to charming, i've heard.
    if you have the play style of charming down it's transferable to higher exp rate zones (like ssra) but it's gonna be a struggle to keep up with heals until you get tunare's renewal. i dunno if sebilis would be better exp. that's where i did 55-60, but that was back when kunark was the only game in town. maybe sol b? i think sticking to older world zones is going to be friendlier to your current druid healing capacity.
  4. Slayzz

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    I really enjoyed seb. Good charm pets, good xp, and good cash
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  5. Faults

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    The real advice? Go bore yourself silly on Nobles in highkeep. Its the best exp from 51-57 a nd its easy af. You can charm mistress Anna for dps if you want.
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  6. Ugmar

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    So I have done Sol B and Seb. Both feel fairly comparable, but the no meddling while casting means I end up with a slightly lower kill speed. Still a good place when I get bored of karnors.

    I have never done Noble's. Is there enough mobs to keep up with chain pulling for 3 level 55 toons? Also what is the faction hit like? I have so far avoided HK due to faction concerns and the fact that everyone says it's horribly boring.

    Right now I just want to speed to 58+ where my druid ghetto CH will open up a new wealth of options.

    Thank you all for your advice.
  7. Faults

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    Its boring and there arent many mobs but the exp bonus makes up for that - theres about 4 nobles and then some dark blue mobs (and their a guard ph's are green sadly) and boshinko you can hit. The 2 bards are the worst faction hit really but I did nobles for many toons and i dont really notice the faction mattering at all (rogues/bards will need to avoid hhk). Its boring - but the bar moves.
  8. Dane

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    Describe EverQuest in six words.
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    I'm fond of Sebilis, Howling Stones, and The Hole rat camp for some of these level ranges. It doesn't matter where you go, that exp bar is going to be moving slower and slower since you're getting into the higher levels now. One thing that is important is consistently in your grind. If you are having to CR frequently because the camp is too challenging that is a lot of wasted down time. Best of luck!

    Edit - SolB - bats/bugs and imps may be worth your while too. Also Permafrost bear pits if Vox is down but I dont have much info on that camp and I'm not sure if it would be level appropriate for you.
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  10. Mokli

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    Consider possible drops from the areas you are stuck at to help with the monotony. That's why I chose the ratmen camp in the Hole. You'll likely end up with a couple of these over the course of a few levels, can afk easily, etc: https://www.takproject.net/allaclone/item.php?id=14762

    You won't be charming likely at this camp though. MR is a bit too high on Hole mobs. Load up with DS, make sure they're snared and slash away.
  11. Darchon

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    I’ve always favored doing camps for items or quests over actually grinding EXP.

    So for example if you have aspirations to raid Vex Thal, perhaps spend time in camping shards.

    Seru/Katta, Akheva, Maidens Eye, the Grey are all decent options for you to camp a shard and kill regular blues while you do it. Seru/Katta the mobs are all blue and can charm. The Grey mobs will be even/blue, you’d have to charm a random skeleton and drag it to the pond. In Maidens Eye you could charm a dog on druid and something else on chanter if you wanted and you could use a horse. Just stay on a wall, near AR is a frequently used camp to clear 1-2 PHers.

    If you have no raiding goals and a VT key wouldn’t serve you any good perhaps you could focus on getting the enchanter epic (I cannot understate how convenient mana free / spell slot free 66% Haste is).

    Perhaps you could crawl up to the top of City of Mist and camp the Wrath of Jaxion for that gem turn in (you can levitate cleverly to get up top without a rogue). Or you could crawl to the bottom of the Hole for Ghost of Kindle (I suggest inviting until you hit a ratman or an undead to shorten the clear). Or you could grab a Port up to PoHate and try to farm the Revenants (if you do this, Evac to the center of the zone and pull on your druid and use Egress/Snare to split mobs before bringing them into camp). Or even just grinding in Skyfire to spawn Felia Goldenwing for a charm turn in?
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    Definitely a fan of the exp while getting items/questing way. Spent a while exping in SG well in hopes of nifty things, doing my chanter's epic (think 1 or 2 levels in hate, some armor pieces were good upgrades too) and got some levels camping fungi (9 robes and not even a staff...)

    Your trio can handle all of that, and lucid shards too! If you're careful, the FG shard would be pretty good exp.
  13. Ugmar

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    Great advice all around, thank you all.

    I traditionally level as a byproduct of going after something else (quest/gear/plat), but I'm itching to grind to 58 ASAP as the heal change on the druid busts so many doors wide open.

    I think my biggest challenge is that while I have taken some 20+ toons to raid tier during this era of live / on emulators. I have never done it while trying to play in 1-2 hour blocks with 5-10 hours a week. I'm just itching for the bygone days of 14 hour sessions right now I think.
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    I 100% feel you.
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  15. echofinder

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    Hey there, I would also say might need to adjust expectation for rate of leveling , 55 & above for me to my memory with what sounds like similar play time restrictions was an event in itself. Not exaggerating to say it could be months. My camp spots have been mentioned, I looked for places i could camp in and out safely , retrieve corpses without too much pain when crap hits the fan, and maybe get a drop i could do something with in the process. not rare spots here bot a couple camps that fit the bill.

    Hole- Rat camp , camp in and out in the stairs as often as needed, kill the rats and maybe get a sellable or usable drop from Slizik, expand otu to other mobs as group levels
    Hole - Host camp deeper in , usually crawled in with friends then just camped in/otu there for soem of best xp I found, pretty much a summoning corpse event on wipe
    Velks - Climb up the ramp a bit to the camp by the invisible wall , 1 named right in front of camp, up away from usual zone in camping, expand up to pulling more named mobs to camp as group levels
    Sebilis - Entry camp, lots just pass through this area now compared to camping it, extend into Bug camp for nice PP as group levels
    Genoid Camp in WL - Cant say in regards to XP but at the time all gems sold well, and camped some drops for shawl, no one usually there so camp in / out was easy
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    If you took Faults advice congrats on 58! ;)
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