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    hey guys,

    So I’ve played very lightly off and on for a while, and I’ve decided on my boxes being bst/clr/mag (though the 3rd slot will probably be variable). I had a few questions, gear-wise.

    —I know that for the clr and mag I want the ft1 range from hollow shade and the ft1 mask from grimling (if it’s available?). Would these also be worth it, y’all think, for the BST, or would he be better served with standard tank fare instead of the extra 1-2 mana/tick?

    —for the BST, I’m thinking of gearing mainly for AC since he’ll be tanking and I won’t have access to raid gear (assuming I’m not softcapped, will have to look into it more). I know that some good pieces for that are PSC and bracers of benevolence (eventually)—anything else I should be looking for?

    —weapon-wise, I’ve currently got a crystalline spider fang/shissar ulak/wraithbone hammer—any must-have bst weapons (esp with procs, I’d assume) that are attainable or not crazy expensive in the bazaar?

    Please let me know if I’m completely off-base here—thanks, y’all! See you in-game~

  2. Darchon

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    There is no grimling FT1 Mask from group content I don’t believe.

    In my opinion the most valuable items on a cleric are:

    Flowing Thought

    So yes prioritizing flowing thought items is a good plan for your cleric. For a non-raiding character there are a few flowing thought items available to you in Luclin. The lowest level among them you identified, the owlbear eye.

    Next easiest is probably saving up to buy the piece necessary for an Earring of the Solstice which is FT1 as well. After this it gets more expensive or time consuming.

    Boots of Flowing Slime are FT3 and cost about 30k. Medallion of Arcane Scientists is FT3 and costs about 30k as well.

    After that the only FT item I can think of for a non-raider is the Coldain Shawl 7/8 which are FT1/3.

    For Magician much of this is the same. Pre-PoP I’d say the priority list above is basically the same, with Epic being up top due to how strong the pet is compared to other pets at level 60.

    I wouldn’t personally worry too much about Mage FT if it’s your third box you’re unsure on playing. It’s more important to have FT on your Cleric.

    As for your Beastlord, yea AC and HP are what you want to gear for if you’re planning on tanking. Generally speaking I’d argue FT isn’t valuable enough to sacrifice good AC/HP items for, however you can get both in some cases like the Earring of Solstice.

    For weaponry, I’d try to get martial weapons. Beastlord cap Piercing and 1HB at 225 skill while H2H goes up to 250, which impacts your ATK and therefore DPS.

    There are a few raid weapons that are tradeable. I’d focus on getting Gold Inlaid Ulak, Khashek’s Katar, Fist of Steel etc. I think these generally go for in the 5-10k range which isn’t too bad if you’re high enough to EXP at hill giants.

    The general rule of thumb I’ve found is if you intend to tank on a player rather than a pet, focus almost all your gearing efforts / money into that character. Only really breaking off to get your support characters critical clickies, or focus effects as needed. EQ is a game that put great emphasis on gear particularly for tanking.
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    Hi Darchon,

    Thank you so much for the info! The clr/bst are 27 (mag is 39) so I’m about to start working some HHK guards to get some funds, and these tips will definitely help guide my gearing!

    The ft1 mask is the Carved Bark Mask from one of the grimling raids, which I’m not sure are active here—here’s the AllaClone link to the item: https://www.takproject.net/allaclone/item.php?id=8432
    I hope it’s around, as I’d love to get one for the clr

    Thanks again, cheers!
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    Other good BL options once you hit 50ish are the Club of the Ice Ocean (14/27 149pt DD) and Steel-Hilted Flint Dagger (4/28, but 625pt dd). Club can be had practically for free, the dagger is usually 5-10k. Something like the GIU Darchon mentions above are great if you can get one - decent melee damage, stats, and a 75pt proc. Most of your damage, especially before 60, will be done by your pet.

    BL hit the AC cap pretty quick. HP/Sta items will probably get you a bit more survivability, if you have to pick.
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    Ignore FT.

    Get solstice earring when you can.

    Get kei every opportunity.

    You get kitty crack on beast later.

    Save all ur plat for a horse on your cleric.

    Get to 60. Get spell casting mastery 3 on your cleric asap.

    If FT falls in your hands. Awesome. But with kei in game, and extended buffs making it last 4+ hrs from some people. Get it.

    Get buffs at db in pok. Get 60 and some AAs. And you will be able to kill lots.

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    Thanks so much for the replies, all! Definitely will focus on BL gear and a horse for the clr! $$
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    Sounds like a fun trio you got going. All solid advice above.

    I tend to agree with Haynar - focus on leveling and just grab Krack when you can. While you level up, save money for horses. With BL/Mage pets, and BL slows, your cleric probably wont be oom as often as you think anyways, especially if you can minimize the damage your BL takes. I would add that you should probably join a guild if you haven't already so you can find hunting buddies, maybe get some p lvls, hand me downs/spells, epic help, whatever. Most importantly, have fun. Remember, it's a marathon not a sprint so enjoy it!
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    Its a sprint not a marathon - put blinders on and race to 60!
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    One of my favorite misspoken sayings I heard in /gu was "It's a marathon, not a race." Still cracks me up. Way off topic. But enjoy the server Klerb, you have gotten some great advice in this thread. Make sure you /join alliance, it's the server wide chat channel.
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    If you're not first you're last
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    2nd place is the first loser.
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