Hands down easiest Enchanter charming trio to play?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pivoo, Nov 14, 2022.

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    Slow stick was 100% pet usuable on AK.
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    depends on what you charm and what you are fighting.

    some mobs can't be snared/rooted/stunned and run fast --> better to selo's and keep your distance.
    charming a summoning mob generally means a death down the road.
    charming a summoning mob and killing a summoning mob is just asking for death.
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    Enc/pal/druid - hands down best combo for Enchanter in PoP era, caveat on raid charming having that bard is nice.

    Problem with bard/enc/clr (super popular combo) is you lack a viable PoP tank due to their lack of aggro so you are excluded from certain activities/zones - I.e. BoT mini named, named in PoFire etc. Etc.

    With Druid/Chanter you have the best PL combo in the game and can PL your alts in tactics from the moment you get your MB flag done till 65.

    What you gain from having a CC/Stunning tank, snares, evacs, group invs, flight of Eagles from the Druid definitely makes up for the loss in healing power from a cleric and bard utility. Infact once you get geared on your Druid you find it hard to deplete your mana pool at common xp areas....and really it's only PoFire named that result in the sapping of a Druid's mana pool during xp sessions.

    Having Evacs and ports very nice. Evacs/Exodus will save your butt all the time.

    I genuinely feel sorry for all those new people who roll bard/clr/chanter then get to 65 and suffer because they can really only xp/grind a few pop zones.
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    With druid heals, bard melee and mem blur its really not that difficult to hold agro as bard when you have a pet