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    Not sure if this is a duplicate or not - if against rules or something please delete.

    As some of you know, we're in the process of loosing our friend, and servers co-creator Speedz to Cancer. Instead of going through the whole story again (it's in the link), I'll just share the link and hope you can all chip in just a little bit to say thank you for the years of joy Speedz has given us.

    GiveSendGo - Help for my family after I pass: The #1 Free Christian Fundraising Site.
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    I ask a blessing over him and his family, ive had family members who have battled the same thing.... It's a terrible dis-ease that can be beaten with proper knowledge and catching the spread early. Ive seen medicine made from cannabis that cured several peoples stage 4. My heart goes out to Speedz when ever I first started playing here I would always see his name first in the list of developers for this server. Namaste Speedz
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    W/O speedz there is no TAKP, we also give our thanks!

    Hang in there bud!
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    Damnt man

    Sending love your way from everyone in NAG. You have helped bring so much happiness and comfort to so many people across the world.

    Thanks friend and it's no surprise you to try to help your loved ones one final time even when you are suffering. Sounds like you haven't changed.

    Love you always,
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