ELI5: changes to charming, resists, and cha?

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  1. Korya

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    Are the recent changes to charming mechanics, etc., very significant?

    From the 8-18-2021 changelog:

    * The resist algorithm's roll is now using a > instead of a >=. This will make targets 0.5% more resisty.
    * Charm, root and blind spell tick saves now apply a +4 level modifier for the caster's level.
    * The charm and mez charisma modifier is now accurate and only applies to enchanters.
    * The preliminary rolls for charm, root, blind and fear spells are now accurate.
    * The default magic resist floor for charm was set to the accurate value.
    * The amount hate generated from charm spells has been reduced.
    * Animals now hate charmers as much as non-animals do on breaks.
    * Lull critical fail chance is now precise.
    * Charm and lull spells no longer have large resist penalties on yellow and red cons.

    Some of these are a little ambiguous about the impact, so I'm just curious if anyone knows what the overall effect will be, especially for enc play. Is cha a vital stat for enchanters now, as on p99?

    I'm not able to play at the moment to check it out for myself, but wishing I could, so I post instead. :)
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  2. Pithy

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    CHA is mostly irrelevant to charming. It affects the chance of your initial charm being resisted (which should basically never happen anyway on a tashed pet), but it doesn't affect the chance to break each tick at all.

    CHA does make your mem blurs more likely to succeed and your pac resists less likely to cause aggro, though.
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  4. Break

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    Thanks for the share. I somehow missed this. It is a great read, but it's about as far from ELI5 as I've ever seen.
  5. Korya

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    Good to know! Thanks for the replies, and for that thread. Great info there.
  6. Torven

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    CHA did not affect charm durations prior to the patch and it still does not.
    Pets with 0 MR have the exact same break chance as before.
    Depending on the pets's level relative to the charmer, in some circumstances charm will hold less often and in other circumstances charm will hold better than before. (because of the +4 level mod)

    I based the previous charm break logic on a data sample I had personally made on AK in which I knew I was very diligent in keeping debuffs on the pet, and that sample just happened to be extremely average so I had a good guess already. If however your pet's effective MR is anywhere from 6-11, you'll get more breaks. ('effective MR' meaning the MR after level advantage debuffs etc is factored in)
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  7. Korya

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    Ah, that makes sense. A tweak rather than a fundamental change. I just wanted to make sure. Thanks for the explanation!
  8. Haynar

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    I have been asked to add this to p99. That will be a big change for them.
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  9. Darchon

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    No more CHA affecting charm on P99? Oh my many enchanter gear sets over there going out the window.
  10. Auyster

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    For the level modifier, is that +4 to the caster or the target?
  11. Walex

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    The caster