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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sinvier, Jun 7, 2021.

  1. Sinvier

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    I just stumbled upon this website and project, and I'm super pumped about it!

    That said, after fumbling through the forums for bit, it dawned on me that the majority of players are multi-boxing here. While I have zero negative thoughts about that, is it possible for a new player to single box?

    Can I still level up, find groups, get gear, etc? Or would you say this server is almost exclusively a multi box community?

    Thanks so much!
  2. Elroz

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    You can single box for sure, there's a better exp bonus in groups of 4 than groups of 3, so 3boxers will usually invite single boxers to get more exp. You can catch MGB's in POK which will help you solo on whichever class you play. I'd recommend playing something with a little bit of solo-ability though, like avoid rogue or warrior as your first character (in my opinion)
  3. Kabouter

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    While leveling I rarely encountered other players in my level range. Your best bet for leveling and groups at a lower level would be:
    - paladul caverns
    - highhold keep
    - unrest

    Definitely possible to single box, but don't expect to group a lot at the lower levels unless you want to be restricted to those zones. Having said that most people will be ok with you joining their 2/3 box because of the xp bonus.
    If you aren't completely against 2boxing I would recommend making a duo and make your 2nd character a druid that way you can easily get around to join groups and makes it a lot easier to level in case you can't find any. And of course can powerlevel characters if you decide otherwise later one.
  4. Aendiin

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    Im a solo box myself and have to say that the server is very welcoming and possible to do as a solo box (class that can solo decent required ofc.) and theres always groups that you can stumble across and join in, esp since theres an experience boost if the party has 4 or more. Also theres frequent MGBs to help make your life easier especially early on when gear is scarce.
  5. Lyrina

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    YES, you can singlebox here! I do it myself :). I found a nice and very helpful guild. There several other singleboxers on this server too and multiboxers usual like to have someone in group, that's just singleboxing (better control 'n stuff). Join the server, make some friends and soon, you'll never leave again, cause of the fun :).
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  6. Smudge

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    One thing I found as I leveled as a mage (solo). You can definitely do it, but be VERY proactive about asking people to join them. Also ask in Alliance when you are looking for group, sometimes a lvl 60 will have an alt at that level and want to join you.
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  7. GrimPaladin

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    I single box mostly. Of course I play with my girl who mostly multi's.

    I will say that grouping isn't "necessary" to advance in level and soloing isn't even particularly slow until around 50 or so (when it's slower for everyone). This is mostly due to frequent MGBs at the dark/small bank (mostly called DB here) in PoK... and good ZEMs.

    Even when there are no MGBs, there's always someone willing to buff a lowbie.

    And on that note... lots of cool people on the server. Absolutely no reason to solo if you want to group. You will have to let people know though. Like Smudge said, use Alliance to ask. It's an active channel.
  8. thucydides

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    You can use alliance, but I would also make a habit of doing a "/who all 15 25" (or whatever your desired level range is) and send some tells, you'll get a lot more responses than just LFGing into the void.
  9. sowislifesowislove

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    This. And also keep in mind there are a lot of “leechers” with the 4th man xp thing. They will join a group and just afk. Which is still great because it’s helping the trio. But if I Got a tell from some one saying something like “hey I’m a single boxer and looking for some XP, would you like an active 4th” etc I’m definitely having you join.
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  10. tragedie37

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    I single box pretty regularly; what I will do is use my high level to cast on my lower level, but for the most part of 3-1/2 years, I've single-boxed.

    It can be tough, especially if you can only log on during non-peak hours. I live in Alaska and usually log on late for even here. Groups are minimal to non-existent. MGBs will save your skin!

    Definitely worthwhile to know your class. I've been soloing a Vah Shir warrior, but, I've also leveled up a cleric to 50 for the 90% rez on the many deaths I've had. Sometimes, I've been lucky and there's someone with a high level cleric for the 96% rez, but, mostly, I've had to eat the lost experience.
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  11. anotheregostar

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    Yikes, soloing a warrior sounds awful.