Best place to exp mid 50's?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Eldarra, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Eldarra

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    Hey guys!

    Returning back to EQ a bit after a break due to school related RL things :) just wondering where the best places to exp are now with Luclin out, if that's changed?

    Asking for my trio:

    53 beastlord
    53 wizard
    55 druid

    Thanks ahead of time! And thanks for making this server so awesome
  2. Braven

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    Seb zone in is great exp and cash at those levels I found. You could also do GE (dsp zi) or the platform in Mons Letalis if you want somewhere in luclin where you can use harmony. You will still get adds in GE though with trap spawns, although it will be better ZEM.
  3. Faults

    Faults I Feel Loved

    Nobles. Its boring and like watching paint dry but its the best exp until around 57 if you aren't aeing or charming.
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  4. Bum

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    Yw on the making this server awesome part
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  5. Dairmuid

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    I enjoyed Bats, Bugs & Lava Duct Crawlers in Sol B until ~L55. As a bonus, you'll probably pick up a couple of 100% weight reduction bags from the Guano Harvester. I did the Sol A Zoneline right where Guano spawns. It's safe and pretty fast.

    Sebilis Disco & Necrosis camps are great at your level and provide nice plats for the time investment.

    Velks zone-in is easy to get to and very easy.