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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Leaves, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. Leaves

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    Hello TAKP players,

    I am new to this server (been here just a few months), and I've gotten my bard to level 53.

    I have been fortunate enough to meet some awesome players (Ryan, Rainessa and Syphie) that have helped me MQ certain pieces of my Bard Epic finally leaving me at the last piece - the triggered version of Trakanon.

    I would like to request some help killing the spawned version of Trakanon to complete this epic. I am told he drops a random BP, as well as my final quest piece. I would like to random off the BP to participants willing to help me finish this Epic Quest!... to add some incentive =D

    I am told certain people can killing it with 6 toons. If you would like to help me, and have a shot at the BP (which I honestly can't confirm if it drops or not - it's what i'm told), please respond to this post or PM me.

    I love this server so far! This is great community. I appreciate you taking the time to read my post!

    TLDR; Need help killing spawned Trakanon to finish last piece of bard epic. Will random off BP to participants.
  2. Vladimirr

    Vladimirr Member

    You shall have the assistance of my Fiveheads. Hit me up!

    60 Erudite Paladin
    60 Erudite Cleric
    60 Erudite Wizard

    < Black Sheep >
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  3. Dairmuid

    Dairmuid Member

    He doesn't always drop a breastplate. He dropped a cloak of piety on our last UDB kill. That leads me to believe he can drop anything from his loot table.

    I'm down to help you kill him if you haven't yet.
  4. actualspaide

    actualspaide People Like Me

    Undead bard trak can drop any item off his loot table except teeth and maybe spells, idk trak's spells suck lol.
  5. Leaves

    Leaves New Member

    Going to shoot for today. If anyone is interested send a tell to “Note”.

    So to correct this based on the comments above, ANY excess loot that is dropped other than bard epic piece will be randomed off.
  6. Ripwind

    Ripwind Active Member

    I might be around and able to help tonight after 8ish CT, if this is happening around/after then!
  7. Leaves

    Leaves New Member

    To all willing to help,

    I have a CotH summon to traks lair set for around 8pm central time.

    I have at least 3 clerics coming (including my own lvl 53 cleric)

    Please send a tell to Note if you want to join, I will be online.
  8. Leaves

    Leaves New Member

    Undead Bard wasn't up. Trying to find timer on trakanon so I know when he might be up this time...

    Thanks to everyone who showed up to help!! I really do appreciate it =D