Are PvP Resists Used for Casting on Yourself?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Walex, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Walex

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    Over the past few weeks, I've managed to mez myself a handful of times on my enchanter with the AE mez fascination. My understanding is that given the -10 resist modifier on the spell, I should only need 210+ resists to keep this from happening. Despite having 300+ resists, I seem to be able to (occasionally) mez myself anyway.

    So that got me looking at Torven's spell resist data analysis and (if I'm understanding it correctly), it suggests that the resist% should cap out at 95% for PvP. Is that 5% chance what I have been experiencing? Do PvP rules apply when casting on yourself as well?

    Is this a new code change? I don't recall mezzing myself ever since I got my resists over 210 (it's been a couple of years)... But maybe I just haven't been paying close enough attention.
  2. Ravenwing

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    Yes, PVP rules should apply to spells that hit yourself. On AK, in fact, PVP resists were bugged (there was a point at which they rolled over), and some high MR values actually made it more likely that you'd hit yourself with AE snare or AE mez. I don't think that bug has been reproduced here, though.
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  3. showstring

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    I've never mezzed myself with AE mez after getting 200+MR in the dozens of casts.

    This is really worrisome that I've just been lucky :(
  4. Mokli

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    Your /ran should be looked at too!
  5. Devour_Souls

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    I mezzed myself not that long ago with a crazy hi MR. I don't know what the exact value of his MR was when it happened but it's over 350 with no buffs. So probably well over 400.
  6. Torven

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    minimum chance to hit in PvP is 2%, not 5%
  7. Cillipis

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    Eventually you’ll hit yourself, but RW is right - Atols used to be a back breaker when you had high resists. I’m very happy that hasn’t been reproduced.
  8. GreldorEQ

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    I used targeted AE root on my druid for mostly exploring and adventuring on p99 quite a bit. If I had to anecdotally guess, I've used it maybe 6 times here in 5 years and I've rooted myself on at least 4 of those attempts.