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    Just curious on what a good rate of AA speed is. Not doing anything extraordinary like AE burn groups or anything. Just a regular 3 man, vs 6 man group. How long does it take you to make 1 AA point.

    I've only just hit 60 and started going full AA exp, but mine seems slow. I wonder if I need to up my challenge level. Currently just sitting in Seb killing krup frogs and bugs - blue at 60, but probably almost light blue I guess.

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    I think 1 aa per hour is pretty respectable. Maybe aim for a little slower than that if you're taking it easy.

    You're going to have a very slow time killing in Seb, though, since that stuff is quite a bit lower level than you at 60. For best results, you're going to want to focus on mobs that are within 5 levels of you. So at level 60, the "sweet spot" for exp bonus would be mobs levels 55-65.
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    I get like 1-3aa in a night doing regular camps, chain pulling. Kael arena was like 1aa in a night, dragon necropolis 2-3aa. I'm not in a rush to grind so I'm not ae'ing or charm killing, just enjoying going around to different camps getting gear for alts/boxes/friends.
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    anything more than 1 AA per hour is illegal here
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    Aside from the obvious stuff -- fast pulls, good DPS -- a good way to increase your AA rate is to kill higher-level mobs. For example, juggs (level 57) give way more exp per kill than krups (level 47-52). Anything within +/- 5 levels of you gives a hefty bonus, with larger bonuses for higher level mobs.
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    As everyone said, it is typically 1aa an hour. Depending on your group and cohesiveness of everyone, you can gain faster than that. I've seen about 50-55min an aa when going full tilt non AE.
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    And if you find a good spot, don't tell anyone about it ;)
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