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    * Merchant greed scaling is now extremely (but not quite absolutely) precise using an algorithm derived from curve fitting to price data obtained from Live servers.
    * Amiable and above factions now grant the equivalent to having 11 extra charisma when prices are calculated.


    * Greed values have been assigned to the appropriate Kunark merchants and a handful of Antonica merchants. Many of these merchants previously had hardcoded greed values but now they are precise and softcoded. More merchants will be assigned greed values as they are discovered. (it's not very common, really) Thanks to Walex for discovering many of these.
    * Tradeskill: Added a missing recipe for Small Acrylia Plate Gauntlets.
    * Tradeskill: fixed the trivial for Iron subphide.
    * General loots: Removed Akhevan Brain Stem.
    * Tradeskill: Added a missing recipe for Brellium Platemail Gauntlets.
    * Temple of Sol Ro: added a missing npc "an incanate" and "a blazing elemental".
    * Kunark: Trooper and Crusader now have a larger assist radius.


    * Temple of Sol Ro: a ward of ro will now spawn "an incarnate" on death.
    * Temple of Sol Ro: a keeper will now spawn "a blazing elemental" on death.
    * Temple of Sol Ro: an incarnate will now have a chance to spawn "an incanate" on death.
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