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    * Fixed an issue where some merchants display an empty list in a no combat zone
    * Corrected an issue with NPCs displaying plate texture tunics instead of their correct textures.
    * A faction check has been added to GM trainer NPCs.
    * Fixed some very minor issues with merchant rejection responses.


    * Timorous: raft should now properly zone players to Oasis
    * Firiona<->Timorous: Maiden Voyage sailing through Timorous should correctly zone players to Firiona.
    * Tradeskill: Fixed various Large Dark Yellow Fine Plate recipe to yield the correct result.
    * Tradeskill: Added a missing recipe for Small Blue Fine Steel Breastplate
    * Tradeskill: Added a missing recipe for Elven Chain Veil
    * Tradeskill: Added missing recipes for Tier`Dal Chainmail armors.
    * Tradeskill: Added missing recipes for Troll Culteral weapons.
    * A handful of NPCs in the world have had their erroneously low hitpoints increased.
    * City guard and GM NPCs have had their stats adjusted. Most notably, they have been made charm immune and resists increased.
    * jaggedpine: The potameid NPCs have had their contact proc spells added/changed.
    * highkeep: Guard respawn times increased by about 5 minutes. Aggro radii and MR reduced.
    * highkeep: Goblin aggro and assist radii increased. Higher level goblin damage reduced slightly.
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    Were the highkeep guards spawning too fast compared to AK or is that a feature to have people XP in other places that aren't Highkeep?
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    They were spawning faster than AK from what I can tell. They were spawning faster than Live servers even.

    I was in the zone because I was checking guard NPC stats in all city zones, and while I was there I checked other things. If we were going to nerf the zone's exp compared to AK, we'd have done it eons ago