Temple of Solusek Ro (soltemple)

Succor point : 36 / 262 / 0

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ListName Class Race Level
an undead knight Warrior Skeleton 35
an undead knight Warrior Skeleton 40
a keeper Wizard Gnome 34
a seeker Cleric Human 34
a ward of ro Warrior Imp 34
Blaize the Radiant Cleric High Elf 40
Cryssia Stardreamer Bard Wood Elf 35
Gardern Wizard High Elf 36
Gavel the Temperant Cleric Dwarf 40
Genni Wizard Erudite 34
Joyce Wizard High Elf 36
Lon the Redeemed Rogue Dark Elf 45
Lord Lyfyx of Burwood Paladin High Elf 45
Lord Searfire Paladin Dwarf 40
Moltak Necromancer Erudite 1
Ostorm Wizard Erudite 34
Romar Sunto Wizard Erudite 34
Solomen Wizard Human 35
Sultin Wizard Dark Elf 35
Syllina Wizard Dark Elf 35
Tazgar Warrior Efreeti 44
Terblyn Zelbus Shopkeeper Gnome 34
Torzan Searfire Wizard Human 35
Vilissia Wizard Human 35
Vira Wizard Gnome 34
Vurgo Wizard Erudite 36
Walthin Fireweaver Bard Half Elf 35


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