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EQmac for everyone!!

Posted by Speedz

As it was just before SOE pulled the plug on AK, it will be here! Both OSX and Windows users can play on this server. You just need to obtain the correct client. Visit the wiki for more information.

EQmac is back!!!!

Posted by Speedz
This is the new home of EQmac.

The original forums for EQmac are still not available to us,
so please use the TAKP forums.

Our teams work mostly together on code, content, and server management of TAKP. Some of the coders and content creators follow the bug reports on TAKP but don`t manage the server. Some are a part of both teams.

The code and database are what is considered EQmac. It`s goal is to preserve AK with a few improvements and bug fixes. Content for Velious is the current phase of EQmac. You can preview the latest and greatest in the results of code and content by logging into EQmac`s development server. Details on how to connect to it are in the TAKP forums.

TAKP also known as `The Alkabor Project` is the server that draws directly from the EQmac project. Currently up to Velious is playable on TAKP. This is the proving grounds for all work done in EQmac. It is officially the representation of what is being released from the EQmac team.

For more info keep checking back here in the news page.
As well as visit the forums for updates.